Landform and Interior Decorating

This course will clear up all the misconceptions about the different schools of Feng Shui. You are guaranteed, at this elementary level, to have a clear understand of what Classical Feng Shui is. You will also be able to make simple changes to your house or office.

Eight House School

Once you have the knowledge of land form we then look at the space within a house. This course focuses on compatibility between people and the houses they live in. The eight house school divides people into two groups – East and West Group. This is calculated according to your birth year. Once we have determined your best directions and those to avoid, we can find the most auspicious directions for you to sleep, work etc.

Flying Stars

This is the most powerful school of feng shui. What makes it different from the other schools is that we bring in the time factor. Houses built in different periods of time will have different energy charts. Based on the year the building was constructed as well as the orientation [direction the building faces] we learn how to determine and cure or enhances the positive and the negative areas of a building.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui Research Center – Professional Courses

These are the professional courses offered by the Feng Shui Research Center and accredited by Master Joseph Yu of the Feng Shui Research Center in Toronto. They are designed for people who want a more in-depth knowledge of Feng Shui or for people who want to become internationally recognized practitioners.. For details of the course content and registration please go to my website

Course Dates


[Module 1 and 2] Feng Shui Basic and Intermediate Courses

This course will cover all the basics and intermediate levels of the principles of Feng Shui.

[Module 3 and 4 Advanced Level]

This course is designed for students wanting to study the more advanced principles of Feng Shui.

Courses are held in Illovo Sandton.

Feng Shui Research Centre Professioanl Course

Module 1 and 2

This course will cover all the basics and intermediate levels of the principles of feng shui.

Module 3 and 4

To be decided after Module 1 and 2 The venue and times are the same for both modules. Internationally recognized certificate will be given by the Feng Shui Research Center in Canada, after all modules have been completed. You will be required to do an examination.

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