Form School


The Form School is the first and oldest school of Feng Shui and is the foundation.

It analyzes the shape, size, and location of physical landform [mountains, buildings, exterior structures, sites and buildings] and waterways [rivers and roadways]. The size, shape and position of external form that surrounds us, will affect our livelihood and health.  

There are four celestial animals that represent four unique types of landform. They are the black turtle, the white tiger, the green dragon and the crimson bird. 

The landform should resemble an arm chair configuration.

Black turtle – provides support and protection at the back.

The turtle could be a mountain, a building, an exterior wall or even a row of trees. There should be similar protection to the left and the right of a building.  The left would represent the Green Dragon and right would represent the White Tiger. The crimson bird should provide an unobstructed view in the front of the building.  This is an important area; it is where the energy or qi gathers before it makes it way into the front door.

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