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On a trip to London many years ago a pamphlet caught my eye – “Do you feel comfortable in some places and not in others”. This small pamphlet was the catalyst that started my research into Feng Shui. I had always experienced sensitivity to environments but never understood why different spaces were having such different affects on me. Little did I know way back then how the influence of space, colour, shape, light and form had such a profound affect on my general wellbeing. Thus my Feng Shui journey began.

I attended a number of courses overseas and spent time learning and working with international feng shui practitioners. On my return home to Johannesburg, South Africa, with a suitcase laden with books on feng shui, I discovered that the books didn’t really get to the essence of what feng shui really is. Yes there were suggestions of bagua mirrors to ward of evil spirits and hanging wind chimes by your front door. I couldn’t quite pinpoint the problem but it appeared to be a little too airy fairy for me. I continued my research and eventually found their was only one authentic school of feng shui known as Classical School fo Feng Shui and their principles were based on scientific observations dating back to ancient China.

I then focused purely on Classical Feng Shui and continued my studies with world renowned Master Joseph Yu. I am a Master of Feng Shui and an appointed lecturer of the international Feng Shui Research Center headed by Master Joseph Yu.

I have been privileged to have been approached on a number of occasions to be a guest speaker on both radio and television and have been interviewed and written articles for newspapers and magazines.


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