Feng Shui is a relatively new concept to the western world but was practiced way back by the ancient Chinese.

Translated Feng Shui means “wind and water.” These two elements are essential for energy or qi to circulate in our environment.

Classical feng shui is an ancient practice developed thousands of years ago. Essentially classical feng shui is a method which is based on the observation of heavenly [meaning time] and earthly [meaning interior and exterior space] forces and how the qi of each interact and ultimately will impact on us. Using the principles of feng shui, we balance and harmonize these forces. Once this balance is achieved, we have a much improved space to live and work in.




It is advisable to include the Feng Shui brief prior to commencement of construction.

From the numerous inquiries I receive there is one common denominator “confusion”.

Perhaps you have bought a few books on Feng Shui and you find that each book gives different advice.  The reason being, there are many different schools of Feng Shui and books can only give you limited information.

Some schools are more effective, some are easier to learn and practice, others require many years of studying. Different schools of feng shui can be compared to different levels of education.

There is only one authentic school of feng shui, commonly referred to as traditional or classical Feng Shui. This school incorporates both form and compass schools, as well as Flying Stars/Xuan Kong Fei Xing.

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