Dear Elaine, for the past 15 years we have had the privilege to partner with Elaine Hosiassohn for our Feng Shui. We have always been passionate about Feng Shui in our offices throughout the country.


Elaine has been a dedicated part of our vision to help us keep our company energetic, inspired, healthy and attain our successes and goals every new Feng Shui year. We rely heavily on her input. What we love most about her is that she is a phone call away when needed, understands our business and the demands placed on it. Elaine is our Feng Shui client, and we recommend her services to any of our clients who follow or want to introduce Feng Shui to their offices.


Inspiration Office is the exclusive dealer for Steelcase office furniture , as well as their associated brands. Our company works closely with Global Clients, as well as Architects and Interior Designers in our territory, with the objective of creating exception office environments. As a company we appreciate the meaningful value of Feng Shui, and the laws of spatial orientation in relation to the flow of energy, and the effect that this ancient practice has on a business and its employees health and prosperity. Since the inception of Inspiration Office in 2005 Elaine’s knowledge and experience as a Master and worldwide accredited practitioner and lecturer has been fundamental in our business and our successes. Elaine meets with our team annually to ensure that the necessary changes and moves are made to ensure the positive flow of energy (Chi) in our space. This includes ensuring our staff are seated and facing the correct direction to maximize this energy. Elaine drills down to the finest details, including colour and positioning of art and decorative objects, as well as plants and technology. We have met with Elaine each year for the last 15 years, and it’s always fascinating how she explains our Annual Energy Update.


Inspiration Office would highly recommend Elaine, regardless of whether it’s a business or residential environment, her knowledge and experience is exceptional.

Isla Galloway-Gaul Inspiration Office

This testimonial is to confirm that we at Focus Rooms called on Elaine Hosiassohn, a Master of Fung Shui from Feng Shui Dynamics to assist us with our office layout and all other related matters in the art and science of Feng Shui.


We found Elaine to be most professional, carried a wealth of knowledge in Feng Shui. Elaine’s services levels also exceeded our expectations.


We experienced immediate benefit from this process and the energy levels in all staff improved almost immediately. An improvement in the flow of business was also felt within 24 hours of the changes being made.


I strongly recommend Elaine’s services and expertise, with no hesitation, to assist your company in these related matters.

Marisa Scott Focus Rooms

I met Elaine through my business partner 6 years ago and it was the first time I was exposed to Feng Shui. Since then and especially in the last 6 months I have used Elaine extensively to make informed decisions on where I live and the layout of my home and office. Through these changes and implementing the necessary “cures” it has increased my overall happiness at home and success in business. I strongly recommend Elaine’s services.

Matthew Slater Road Trip

We are a proud company to be associated with Feng Shui Dynamics for the past 10 years. Thank you for the interest you have invested and helping us achieve our successes. We believe your mastery can have a positive influence on others as well.

Francois Steenkamp MRS

Hi Elaine, I just wanted to let you know that you certainly have a gift as more and more good things come my way almost on a weekly basis at the moment! There has definitely been a positive energy shift and I just wanted to let you know how grateful and appreciative I am to you. I will definitely book a follow up appointment with you during the year just to make sure everything stays on track.



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