Module 1 and 2

These two modules clears the misconceptions regarding Feng Shui.   We look at the various schools of Feng Shui.

Landform and Interior Design:

Landform is the essence of achieving the best feng shui results.  We learn how the influence of our surrounding affects our spaces; mountains/building, water/roads.  We also examine in detail, the Chinese elements; water wood fire earth and metal.  We learn how to incorporate Interior decorating, according to the five elements

Eight House School:

Focuses on compatibility between people and their spaces.  The eight house school divides people into two groups – East and West Group. This is calculated according to the birth year. With this information we can locate the most auspicious directions for you to sleep, sit and work.

Module 3 and 4

Flying Stars:

This is the most powerful school of feng shui. It is more advanced as we bring in the time factor.  Houses built in different periods of time have different energy charts. Based on the year the building was constructed as well as the orientation [direction the building faces] we learn how to evaluate the feng shui chart.


Feng Shui Research Center – Canada

The professional courses offered by the Feng Shui Research Center and accredited by Master Joseph Yu are available to students who want to become internationally recognized practitioners.


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